Creative Web and Digital Technologies

Could your enterprise benefit from rethinking your online potential, to improve engagement and encourage new business?

Key Skills

  • Web Presence Analysis
  • Website Design
  • Web Marketing & SEO
  • Content Management
  • Digital Photography
  • AI Imaging
  • Website Maintenance
  • CAD for Photomask Layout

Web Presence Analysis

Does the internet work for you?

Review of your current web presence, your aspirations, and consider the options.

Are you missing something?

Website Design

Responsive Websites

Designed, and optimised to look good on the main current device formats and browsers.

Web Marketing,
SEO & Performance

Can people find you in a web search?

Does your website load quickly and deliver results for your enterprise’s key objectives?

Be relevant, listed and ranked on the best search engines.

Content Management

Does your web presence benefit your customers?

Keep up-to-date with fresh, relevant, and useful information.

Content is King.

Digital Photography,
Stock & AI

Bespoke Photography

The heart of an effective website is great images that are genuine, reflecting the character and ethos of your enterprise.

Stock and AI generated images have their place, while credibility and authenticity are key.

Website Maintenance

Under the hood essentials

Hosting. Domain names. Maintenance. Backups. Security. Analytics.

CAD for Photomask Layout

Computer Aided Design

Photomask design and layout for Photonics and MEMs.

the NOYO initiative...

The key to an effective web presence is more than technical skills or putting a few words and pictures together on a website.

Knowledge of business and marketing principles, plus keeping pace with current trends in web and social media, are paramount.

Not everyone has the combination or appreciation of the technical, aesthetic, business, marketing, and the other soft skills required to make a website and other aspects of the internet work for them.

For some people, technology can be daunting, while others are too busy. But in a fast changing world, standing still is not an option.

No one knows your enterprise, like you do, so the NOYO initiative is designed to work with you, to help you think things through, to develop your presence on the internet, maximising the opportunity.

It was devised by Norman Young, who has spent almost half his working life running small businesses.

Over the years he has developed advanced technical skills centred around digital technologies, for aesthetic and creative purposes, such as photography, website design and everything to do with the internet.

The other aspect of his work has been in the high-tech industries, where science and engineering skills were key to performing CAD layout and associated services around photomask design for semiconductor, photonics and MEMs products.

His education has earned him a B. Eng Degree in Electronics Manufacturing Engineering, and Post Graduate qualifications in Software Technology for the Web.

Norman is available for web presence analysis / website develpment, photography, CAD and photomask layout projects or related services for the photonics industry.

You’re not on your own, or don’t need to be.

The NOYO initiative has a creative technology studio, designing responsive websites, digital images, and content media that could advance your internet marketing strategies.

Look good on the main device formats.

We will work with you to provide bespoke content
for your internet presence
including AI, and digital media for content marketing.

Image of forest

Plant a tree

Caring for the environment.

My websites are hosted on ‘Green Servers’, plus real trees are planted as our contribution and committment to planting 1 Billion Trees by 2030.

Based in Dornoch.....

And happy to work with people, businesses or organisations within the Scottish Highlands on location, in person, or throughout the UK via internet communications.

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